See why Serious Serum is the best AHA/BHA Ingrown Hair eliminator and Skin Exfoliant you’ll ever use. Seriously.

" My fiance has bumps on his arm, butt, and legs. We didn’t know what he had was called keratosis pilaris until we read about Serious Serum. I heard about the serum from my esthetician who recommends it after waxing to keep ingrown hairs for popping up. Needless to say this magical serum works for both my fiance’s skin and mine. We notice when he uses it, he doesn’t get the bumps so bad – there is a noticeable difference. For me, I don’t get ingrown hairs where I waxed (I usually do). This serum makes your skin soft and smooth. They say a little goes a long way, but we go through it quickly. There’s no burning sensation when you put it on- it feels like you’re putting water on your skin. I highly recommend this serum."

- Devin

"I have always suffered awful bikini bumps after shaving, to the point I really would not want to wear a bikini in front of anyone. Since I started using this after shaving, that problem has pretty much disappeared. In addition, it has caused my skin to become even toned and smooth. I have had this for a while now and use it pretty much every other day and still have more than half left. I would recommend this to anyone that gets shaving rashes or ingrowns, as it is well worth the cost."

- Samia

I love this product. People say it’s a “spot” treatment for acne but I have been putting a light coat all over my face and my acne has disappeared. Miracle in a bottle!

- Andrea Glass

I started using this two weeks before my wedding, and it helped make my skin flawless!! I use it a few times a week and hardly break out at all anymore :) huge lifesaver!

- Brooke Johnson

I have the tendency to break out every so often and this clears pimples OVERNIGHT. A must have for any woman who needs a little magic! Don’t hesitate, buy buy buy! If you already use it, share share share! This is by far the best product I’ve tried. Bye bye Proactiv :)

- Fee Leriche

I have really soft sensitive skin and a really coarse and thick beard. I use this on my face before bed after I shave my beard and it keeps from getting ingrown hairs. I’m prone to ingrown hairs because of my soft skin and thick hair and this product really keeps me from getting them. I used to have bumpy arms cause by tiny ingrowns that I feel are very common and this product cleared it all up. It helps with acne too!

- Sorosh

Serious is the “missing link” I have been searching for to help my clients with ingrowns and irritation. As a busy waxer, all I want are happy clients who come back and are happy converts to the ways of waxing. Serious Serum helps them have the best experience possible. And the fact that it doubles as a skin exfoliant or spot treatment serum for all of my clients skin care needs? Hello wonder product. One month into carrying it, and I can’t keep it on the shelves. I recommend it to every Brazilian client, and they are stoked to have it. Thank you!

- Annie Johns Owner, Spruce Skin & Wax Shoppe

I have tried every product out there to help with adult acne. This product has by far kicked the pants off from every other item I have tried. I started using product about a week ago for my adult acne. The improvements are so noticeable. I have less black heads, bumps, and blemishes. The blemishes that were there when I started using the serum have healed. My skin tone looks more even than ever. This stuff is confidence in a bottle. If you ask me, the price is worth it. I have spent far more on unsuccessful items. I would recommend this product for folks who suffer from adult cystic acne with combination skin, like me.

- Lwarrenf

This is some kind of voodoo s***. I cannot even explain how amazing it is. How did I not know about this sooner?? It’s literally a cure-all for skin ailments. I have the most sensitive, lilly-white skin on earth and it is not harsh or drying at all. Blemish? Serious Serum will fix that in an hour. Ingrown hair, dab a little bit of this magical mixture on it and its gone. My fiancé had some blackheads. This cured him overnight. I can’t sing enough praises for this product. I don’t know what’s in it, and I don’t care. I know it works and it is worth the money.

- Brianna Gionet

Serious Serum has really helped my sensitive skin recover from waxing. I am no longer self-conscious about ingrowns because they are no longer there! I highly recommend this serum as a great way to eliminate or reduce ingrowns!

- L.P. Licensed Massage Therapist

Just wanted to let you know how much I love Serious Serum!! I don’t wax but wanted to try it on my face. I had ugly blackheads in my frown lines. I’ve tried everything. And with oily skin they never went away. But after using Serious Serum they’re gone! I cant believe how fast this stuff works! I followed the directions and use it morning and night. My skin is so soft now and I’m not wiping oil off my face mid-day. And i’ve only been using it for 1 week! Needless to say…I’m going to re-order more. Thanks for a great product!!

- Patty